Ozzy and Sharon.

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ozzy and sharron

They are one of the most controversial couples in recent times, but despite the fame, drugs and cameras Ozzy and Sharon have managed to do the impossible, keep their marriage together.

The couple spent New Years Eve at The Beverly Hills Hotel renewing their wedding vows in front of hundreds of friends. The couple was first married on July 4 1982, but they delayed celebrating their 20 anniversary due to Sharonís battle with colon Cancer. With a new episode of the Osbournes coming out this year, we are bound to hear and know more about this fascinating couple. So how do they keep their marriage alive in the midst of their crazy lives?


1. They accept each other unconditionally. They have come to terms with who they are, and appreciate the differences they see in each other.


2. They are passionate about what they do. They not only see their careers as work, but as a calling. Their time spent in the industry gives them a common purpose in their marriage, and it drives them forward.


3. They value their kids. Although from Christian standards they are hardly the model parents, they are doing a better job than most in the entertainment industry of raising their kids and valuing their family.


Although I donít support the show, the language and the parenting style, I will say one thing, they have kept their marriage together for 20 years, which in our day and age is saying a lot.