Personal Outreach: Lesson 5
By: Brent High

Content from Brent High's Christian Articles and Stories


Along with the respect people have for the Bible, people would much rather hear what the Bible has to say than what you think, your parents think, your minister thinks, etc.

Always have a New Testament handy – “Derringers” (pocket-sized New Testaments) will keep you “armed” at all times

“Derringers” are less intimidating than “Shotguns” (large coffee table-sized bibles) if opportunity arises on airplane, in gymnasium, in restaurant, etc.

Find a version that’s easy to read and understand (NIV, Easy-to-read versions)


Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, and Tony Gwynn are some of the best hitters baseball has ever seen. They all shared one common skill that helped make them great hitters. THEY KNEW HOW TO PICK UP THE BAT!

Using a pen, you will write the following verses at the top of each page in your Bible (yes, it’s okay to write in your Bible) in the following order with each verse taking you to the next one in order. You can change the order or add other verses. This just gives you a starting point.

Turn to Romans 3:23. This is your first verse in the game plan. At the top of the page where Romans 3:23 is, write Romans 6:23.

Turn to Romans 6:23. At the top of the page where Romans 6:23 is, write John 3:3-5.

You get the picture. Here are the other verses in order (cont’d on page 3):
Learning to Share Your Faith page 3

John 14:6

Romans 10:9-11

Revelation 3:20

Acts 2:36-41

John 3:16

Ephesians 2:8-9

1 Peter 3:18-22

Mark 16:15-16